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Personal Care. 

Professional Treatment.

Our Treatment Approach is :


Comprised of a telephone assessment, when you’re able to discuss your problem and see if the treatments and services on offer are for you.

The telephone assessment will help ensure where would be best for you be can be offered treatments, be it at your home or at clinic.


The main body of treatment involves prescribing and administration of medications, relative to your particular dependency.

Depending on the particular alcohol or drug problem, the initial treatment can be offered through clinic or home setting or a combination of the two.

Treatments are tailored to your specific requirements.


Post-treatment care for detoxification can be through use of medications, treatment referrals based on underlying conditions, and psychosocial support. Medications are prescribed that prevent relapse to the substance of dependency.


Our assessment is in two stages: firstly, a telephone discussion. This is followed by a more comprehensive home visit or clinic appointment.



Detoxification treatment is composed of two main aspects: prescription, use of detoxification medications, and ongoing support, which involves the discussion and resolving any issues encountered during treatment.

Specifics of treatment are for discussion only after the assessment portion of the detox is concluded, however the medication and support plans generally follow a standard framework.

While guidelines indicate a general framework in terms of duration of medicinal treatment, it should be noted that fluctuations from this may occur depending upon the individual needs.



Aftercare is an optional service, and is offered separately to assessment and treatment. Following successful reduction or withdrawal from the dependent substance, we recommend consideration of further treatments which aim to prevent relapse, and ensure effective, long-term success.

One key aspect of our aftercare process is understanding the manifestations of cravings, and recognising the underlying conditions which might intensify them. Anti-craving medications can then be prescribed to assist with withdrawals, depending upon the substance in question. This is the only aspect of aftercare which is offered directly by our service.


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