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I have been on prescribed opiate analgesic drugs for over 10 years.

Having realised I was physically and psychologically addicted, I spent over 3 years seeking help and support from GPs and local drug services, no one would help me. I was in a vicious circle; it was taking over my life.

I realised the prescribed dose wasn’t enough for me to function, so I resorted to buying from the internet. In the end my life spiralled out of control. I am a professional woman in her 30’s and my life had deteriorated into days where I counted tablets to ensure I would be able to function.

I became suicidal, no one could help. I felt like a dirty drug addict, and just wanted my life to end.

This saved my life. I found an affordable service that not only listened, but has stuck with me throughout my treatment, using a medical, rehabilitation-assisted programme.

My life is back to normal, I am no longer controlled by codeine, and I could not have done it without support, care and ongoing encouragement. He contacted me daily at the beginning of treatment, and throughout the stabilising period.

..............not only managed the symptoms of my addiction, but gave me ongoing medical supervision, and health and lifestyle support. Without ........... I truly believe I would no longer be here today.

This is an outstanding, affordable service, for anyone with an addiction.

The sensitivity of confidentiality has been maintained throughout, and my physical and mental health has been at the forefront of my care.

Thank you so much.
— C., 29/01/18

I am extremely satisfied with my detox. .........was professional and clear at all times. ............ calming, courteous, and explained everything to me; ........spent ages making sure I was okay and properly understood everything. I am a very anxious patient, ...........explained to me on lots of occasions what was happening, and that the way I was feeling was perfectly normal.

My actual detox went so smoothly I was delighted,

Many Thanks.
— K., 07/12/17

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