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Mark Kendrick - Drug & Alcohol Specialist

I began my work in home detoxification in the 1980's, working with General Practitioners, carrying out assessments and organising treatments and aftercare packages.

I offer comprehensive assessment, diagnosis, and formulation of addiction treatment options.

I have over 30 years of experience in the addiction field, across a wide range of addiction settings; including inpatient detoxification, prison and community services, as well as private detoxification and prescribing clinics.

Throughout this time, I have been engaged with clients dependent on alcohol and/or drugs.

I see treatment as a stage in the process of achieving long term change, accompanying awareness raising and addressing changes to unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviours, through a whole range of forums, be they silent reflection, one-to-one or group therapy or areas of mutual support.



KING'S COLLEGE LONDON, Master of Science Msc. Addiction

UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTER, Master of Arts MA. Counselling

OXFORD BROOKES UNIVERSITY V300 Prescribing Certificate of Attainment in Non Medical Prescribing


Over 30 years experience in providing drug and alcohol treatment services.

Managing alcohol and drug detoxification and prescribing services, assessing, monitoring clients in their own homes and at treatment clinics. Extensive experience in making clinical treatment decisions.

Successfully selecting appropriate detox and prescribing treatments to meet individual needs.


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