Home Detox Service

Helping you Take Back Your Life

A Private, Unique, and Professional Home Detox Service

We offer you a confidential, individual, and effective service in your own home - No clinic appointments, or sitting in waiting rooms for reviews.

If you are looking for help with your drug or alcohol dependency, contact us by phone or email. We will promptly arrange an initial assessment on the telephone, to assess suitability and answer any questions you have.

We then arrange a home visit for a full assessment, and organise a start date. All treatments are provided at home.
Home visits are by Mark Kendrick, Drug and Alcohol Specialist, to monitor and support you throughout treatment. Out of hours phone support is also available.

Unlike with other services, your entire treatment will take place in your own home, and be supervised by the same specialist throughout the entire treatment period.

This is a bespoke package of treatment, offering you the highest level of care and experience, to help you take your life back.

Our Service is:

CQC registered and regulated, covered by professional indemnity and Public liability insurance.

A unique service, with a unique skill set, which can assess and design a treatment package for you in your own home. Brought directly to you, evenings and weekends included.

Appointments that are convenient to you, day or night, no attending downtown clinics, or sitting in noisy or crowded waiting rooms for reviewing or monitoring appointments. Flexible treatment packages, to meet your individual needs.

Experienced and knowledgeable, will ensure your health and safety will never be compromised or put at risk.

This is a private service offered directly to self funding members of the public.

To learn about our Drug and Alcohol Specialist, Mark Kendrick, his experience, and his approach to treatment, please visit our about page