Contact us for a telephone assessment / discussion.

By leaving your contact details and a time convenient to ring you, we can provide a free initial assessment and discussion about your needs. You can then determine if the service is right for you.
If the service is for you then a home assessment visit would be arranged with you. The home assessment includes a basic health check and further discussion about your detox needs.
A home assessment visit is charged at £150 in advance.

If at the end of the home assessment you decide the service is for you. Costs and charges would be discussed and agreed at this stage and would be dependent on what services you require and need.

  • Type of dependency.

  • Type of home detox.

  • Counselling sessions .

  • Aftercare relapse prevention help (details available).

Use the form below to tell us of any details that you think would be useful to know in advance and state any preferred times for you to be contacted.

If no email access then please ring : 07891085533